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Learn how to fix your own vending machines, bill validators, coin mechs, make simple changes, or repair common problems by watching the videos we have produced. Most parts and products featured in these videos are available in our online store. And, if you need anything extra, give us a call!


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  1. Common Pyramid, Coinco, MEI Bill Validator Warranty Failures
    Common failures on current model Pyramid, Coinco, and MEI bill validators, that usually happen under warranty first.
  2. How to Clean a Pyramid Apex 5000/7000 Series Bill Acceptor
    The proper cleaning procedure for cleaning the sensors and bill path on any Pyramid Apex bill acceptor.
  3. Overview of the SEM CT3 Tester & EBVM
    If you've just bought a CT3 tester and an External Bill Validator Module (EBVM), or if you're just considering buying them, this video showcases the features and advantages of both devices, as well as walking you through the basic functions and diagnostic features the tester offers.
  4. Coinco Vantage Bill Acceptor Overview and Programming
    See all the features of Coinco's latest bill acceptor! We also show you how to program the Vantage series acceptor in this video.
  5. How to Install an MEI VNR Bill Recycler
    Complete overview of the installation and setup process of an MEI VNR bill recycler into a VN2700 series bill acceptor.
  6. Replacing & Updating Micro-Chips on Coinco Mag Validator Control Boards
    Learn how to replace the main chip on any Coinco Mag style bill acceptor control board. You will have to go through one of the processes shown in this video to upgrade your validator to the new 67126-12B Coinco flash chip so your bill acceptor can take new $5, $10, and $20 bills.
  7. How to Change the Belts on Any Coinco Vantage Bill Acceptor
    Step by step process on how to change the belts on any Coinco Vantage series bill acceptor.
  8. How to Access and Change the Switch Settings on Bill Acceptors
    How to access and change the switch settings on MEI, Coinco, and Pyramid bill validators. Also includes photos of the pages in the respective manuals with the switch settings outlined.
  9. How to Change the Coin Tubes on a CF 7000 Series Coin Changer Cassette
    Step by step process on how to change a coin tube on any MEI CF-7000 series coin changer. Buy tubes for the coin changer on our online store.
  10. Overview of the Dixie Narco BevMax 4
    See the many features and new technology available on Dixie Narco's latest soda machine to date. All new elevator delivery system, ultra secure delivery cup, newer modern looks are just a few of the many new options that come with the latest BevMax model.
  11. How to Change the Coin Tubes on a VN4000 Series Coin Changer
    Learn how to change the coin tubes on any MEI VN-4000 series coin changer. This will work for models VN-4000, VN-4510, VN-4010, VN-4010XV.
  12. Configuring a Pyramid Bill Acceptor using a Configuration Card
    This video takes you through the step by step process of how to fill out and run a configuration card through a Pyramid bill acceptor.
  13. How to Replace the Belts on a Coinco Mag/MagPro/Mag50b Bill Validator
    Step by step process for replacing the belts on any Coinco Mag series bill acceptor. This procedure will work for Mag50B, Mag30B, Mag50SA, Mag52R, Mag32R, Mag52SA, Mag50BAB, and any other Mag model.
  14. How to Replace the Belts on Any MEI VN/AE Series Bill Validator
    Step by step guide on how to replace the belts on any MEI 2300, 2400, 2500, 2600, 2700, 2800 series bill validator.
  15. How to switch any Coinco BA/Mag style bezel with another
    Do you have the right validator, but the wrong bezel for your hole? Any BA series or Mag series validator bezel is interchangeable with ANY other BA or Mag style bezel. This video shows you how to remove and swap the two most common ones with eachother. This process will work with any BA30B, BA32SA, BA32F, BA32R Mag50B, Mag32SA, Mag52SA, Mag52R, and any other Mag or BA model.
  16. Upgrading a Dixie Narco BevMax 2/3 to a BevMax 4
    Step by step guide on how to install the upgrade kit offered by Vendors Tech to upgrade your older BevMax 2 and 3 soda machines to a BevMax 4.

Equipment Features Series

  1. Features of the Pyramid Apex Bill Acceptor
    What sets Pyramid apart from the competition? Why choose a Pyramid over a Coinco or an MEI validator? Watch this video to find out!
  2. Features of the MEI 2000 Series Bill Acceptor
    What made the MEI 2000 series bill acceptor a legend among amusement and vending operators? Watch this video to find out!
  3. Features of the Coinco Vantage Bill Validator
    Find out what makes the Coinco Vantage bill validator different from any bill validator ever made!